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Iridium Edge™

Enable your customers to leverage their existing terrestrial-based solutions for fleet management, telematics, safety and other remote monitoring applications through Iridium Edge™, an off-the-shelf, reliable satellite communications device that complements existing cellular solutions to create dual-mode connectivity for the most remote and inaccessible areas of the world.

Fast time-to-market is a critical component in today’s highly competitive communications environment. Iridium Edge™ is a turnkey, environmentally sealed, rugged hardware device that reduces the cost and complications associated with hardware development, manufacture and certification of satellite-specific terminal.

Key Features of Iridium Edge™:
    Hardware-ready device for simple, low risk integration
    Low-cost device for affordable customer adoption
    Satellite add-on for truly global coverage
    Off-the-shelf availability for quick time-to-market
    Robust power supply for industrial installations
    Environmentally sealed for harsh conditions
    180° line of sight for compromised, partially blocked locations
    Iridium Short Burst Data℠ (SBD℠) modem for Iridium's superior network advantages 

Key Markets:
    Fleet Management
    Remote Monitoring
    Asset Tracking


Update your IsatPhone Pro firmware

IsatPhone Pro firmware version 5.17.2 is released and available for download now.
Important: Firmware version 5.17.2 supersedes the firmware version 5.11.0

Recommendations for installation
For users of 5.3.0 or higher this is a recommended upgrade, meaning that the features introduced by the firmware are important but not critical for the GSPS service, including the network and the IsatPhone Pro handset.

For users that who have not yet upgraded to version 5.3.0 or higher, this upgrade to 5.17.2 is considered  to be ‘mandatory’ to avoid the phone becoming non-operational.

To check you have the latest version on your IsatPhone Pro, go to Menu > Settings > About > Firmware version.
Please contact your Service Provider to upgrade, or download from the link below.

» Download IsatPhone Pro firmware V5.17.2
» IsatPhone Pro Firmware 5.17.2 release note

Firmware Upgrade Tool
From time to time, it may be necessary to upgrade your phone in order to improve its functionality and operation. You will be notified by Inmarsat and/or your Service Provider when a firmware upgrade is required.
Please note that you need to install the USB drivers before installing the Firmware Upgrade Tool. The USB drivers and the guide ‘How to install USB drivers’ are included on the support CD supplied with your IsatPhone Pro.

» Download IsatPhone Pro Firmware Upgrade Tool