The company LYOVA s.r.o. is 10 years in the telecom market

  design application solutions

We make and realize aplication solutions:
- Land Mobile and Maritime WiFi Solutions
- Land Mobile and Maritime 3G / 4G Solutions
- Land Mobile and Maritime VSAT Solutions
- Solutions for the Global Networks: Inmarsat and Iririum
- Maritime Solutions for satellite TV

  equipment supply

We supply various equipment for global satellite communications:
    - Family Terminals Explorer and Hughes of Inmarsat BGAN system
    - Maritime Terminals of Inmarsat FleetBroadband
    - Satellite Phones of Inmarsat IsatPhone system and Iridium

As part of our solutions we supply:
     - marine and land mobile VSAT terminals
     - marine and land mobile VSAT antennas with a diameter from 65cm to 2.4m
     - marine satellite television systems with a diameter of antenna from 48cm to 1.9m

We supply different accessories and spare parts for equipment of satellite communications and TV.

  satellite communication services

We provide Inmarsat services:
BGAN, FleetBroadBand, IsatPhone
and Iridium services

We provide the services for the lease of satellite capacity for VSAT solutions and networks

News & events

Coming Soon Iridium Edge™
In an IoT world, time to market is critical. Iridium Edge is a new, hardware-ready satellite device that complements terrestrial-based tracking and telemetry solutions. Offering plug-and-play connectivity through a rugged, low-cost product, Iridium Edge extends IoT applications to 100% of the globe. 

IsatPhone Pro firmware
version 5.17.2 is released and available for download now.