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About Us

The company LYOVA s.r.o. is application solutions designer

We make and realize the satellite solutions:

- VSAT solutions for maritime and land applications
- Solutions for the Global Networks: Inmarsat and Iririum
- Maritime solutions for satellite TV

The design of wireless solutions expands the potentialities of our satellite solutions:

- Mobile WiFi solutions for land and maritime applications
- Mobile 3G / 4G solutions

The company LYOVA s.r.o. is a supplier of equipment

With our solutions, we deliver:

- VSAT terminals for maritime and land applications
- VSAT antennas with dish from 65cm up to 1.5m for maritime and land applications
- Maritime satellite TV systems with antenna dish from 48cm up to 1.9m

We supply various equipment for global satellite communications:

- Family Terminals Explorer and Hughes for Inmarsat BGAN system
- Maritime Termiinals: Fleet One, FleetBroadband 150, FleetBroadband 250, FleetBroadband 500
- Terminals IsatPhone 2, Isatphone Pro, Oceana, Terra for maritime and land applications

We supply different accessories and spare parts for equipment of satellite communications and TV.

The company LYOVA s.r.o. is the service provider of satellite communication services

- we provide the services for the lease of satellite capacity for VSAT solutions and networks
- we provide Inmarsat services (BGAN, FleetBroadBand, IsatPhone) and Iridium services